GrowAce-ai IP Law Firm offers appropriate Intellectual Property protection services to assist your company through discussing the business impact and the overall effect on the organization. We are committed to contributing to the growth of your company’s business by bringing a new perspective of “IP” to the current business model.

Focused on IP Strategy, organizational reformation with an IP standpoint, and IP Portfolio Management, we will create a suitable IP legal scheme and support your company from filing applications to management of intellectual property in line with the growth phase of the organization. We support obtaining, protecting, and enforcing every legal aspect of IP rights, including patents, trademarks, and designs both in Japan and abroad. We ensure to provide utmost output for the active utilization of acquired IP rights such as license negotiations, contract negotiations, litigation support, and any other IP-related issues.

List of the IP services we provide:

Consultation/ Building strategies (Creating schemes)
  • Attaining IP rights
    • Consultation on invention
    • IP filing strategy
    • Foreign application filing strategy
    • R & D strategy
  • IP schemes
    • Reduction of IP-related costs
    • Review of business alliances such as joint R&D contracts and joint IP contracts
    • Review of internal systems such as IP incentive policies
  • Utilization of IP rights
    • Utilizing IP rights through IP licensing, negotiation, sale of IP rights
    • IP open and close strategy
    • Branding and marketing strategies utilizing IP
  • Patent prosecution
    • Patent application filing in Japan in line with the business phase
    • Foreign patent application/ International patent application
    • Prior arts searches
  • Enforcement of patent rights
    • License negotiations/ License contracts
    • Purchase, sale, and liquidation of patent rights
    • Support on submission and evaluation of standard essential patents
  • Litigation support
    • Invalidation searches
    • Opinion on Infringement/Non-infringement of patents
  • Trademark application prosecution
    • Application for trademark registration in line with branding strategy
    • Trademark searches
  • Enforcement of trademark rights
    • Opinion on Infringement/Non-infringement with prior trademark registrants
    • License negotiations/License contracts
    • Purchase, sale, and liquidation of trademark rights
  • Design application prosecution
    • Application for design registration for such as UI and hardware products
    • Application for foreign design registration
  • Enforcement of design rights
    • Countermeasures against counterfeit goods

Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests for holding seminars, lectures, and classes for providing education and consulting on IP, needs for interpretations and translations, and any other issues related to IP.

For inquiries, please use the email address below or the inquiry form.

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