Ace-ai IP Law Firm professionals

Yukihiro TAKEMOTO (Mr.) 竹本 如洋
Managing Partner
  • Patent and Trademark Attorney/2005
  • Attorney at Law (New York/2015, District of Columbia/2023, U.S.A.)
  • Fields:IT, Electrical, Mechanical, IP consulting, IP Enforcement, Apply and evaluate SEP, Design and Trademark
  • Language:English, Japanese
  • The George Washington University Law School (LL.M. in IP)(USA)
  • Keio University (M.S. and B.S. in engineering and Bachelor of Laws)


Toshio SAKAI
Toshio SAKAI (Mr.) 坂井 俊郎
  • Patent and Trademark Attorney/2011
  • Fields:IT, Electrical, IP consulting
  • Language:English, Japanese
  • Tokyo University of Science (B.S.)
  • Kanazawa University (Bachelor of Laws)


Akito HIDA (Mr.) 飛彈 亮人
  • Patent and Trademark Attorney/2014, National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (English)/2015
  • Fields: Mechanical, Electrical, IT
  • Language:English, French, Japanese
  • Bradley University (B.S. in Mechanical Engineering)(USA)


Mina YAMAGUCHI (Ms.) 山口 美奈
  • Patent and Trademark Attorney/2010
  • Fields: Trademark and Design
  • Language: English, Japanese
  • Chuo University (B.S.)

Hiraku TAKEI (Mr.) 竹井 啓
  • Patent and Trademark Attorney/2019
  • Fields:IT, Physics
  • Language:English, Japanese
  • Tokyo University of Science (Master of IP)
  • Shibaura Institute of Technology (B.S.)


Shunsuke KOSO
Shunsuke KOSO (Mr.) 小曾 俊甫
  • Patent and Trademark Attorney/2021, Architect(2nd Class)/2015
  • Fields: Mechanical, IT, Design and Trademark
  • Language:English, Japanese
  • Yokohama National University (Architecture)


Professional of Chinese IP
Can LI (Mr.) 李 燦
  • Fields:Trademark
  • Language:Chinese, English, Japanese
  • Waseda University (LL.M. in IP)
  • Shenzhen University (Bachelor of Laws)(China)

Professional of Trademark
HoiChing WONG (Ms.) 黄 凱晴
  • Fields:Trademark
  • Language:Chinese, Cantonese, English, Japanese
  • Toyo University (Bachelor of Laws)

Professional of Physics
T. T.
  • Fields:Physics, Mechanical, IT
  • Language:German, English, Japanese
  • Otto von Guericke University (Science)(Germany)
  • Niigata university (Science and Technology)

Professional in Chemistry
U. A.
  • Fields:Chemical, Inorganic chemistry, IT
  • Language:English, Japanese
  • Nagoya Institute of Technology (B.S.)

Professional of Mechanical engineering
I. N.
  • Fields:Mechanical, Electrical, IT, Design
  • Language:English, Japanese
  • Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (B.S.)

N. S.
  • Fields:Administrator
  • Language:German, English, Japanese
  • Leuphana Universität Lüneburg (Germany)
  • Dokkyo University (B.A.)

I. R.
  • Fields:Administrator
  • Language:English, Japanese
  • Seikei University (B.A. in Law)

S. S.
  • Fields:Administrator, Finance
  • Language:English, Japanese